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About / Disclaimer is Location Based services for three functions

1. Location Based Market Place
2. Location Based File Sharing
3. Location Based Bulletin Board as a Location Based Market Place is allow you
to sell and buy your used good things / second hands good things
like house, car, gadget, home appliance, etc to people around you.
only people nearby can see your messages as a Location Based File Sharing is allow you
to share your files to people around you.
if you need only share to specified person or groups, you can protect your file attachment with password.
if you sales, you can share material promo like voucher/brochure to people nearby as a Location Based Bulletin Board is allow you
to announce news/promo/discount material to people around you.
to announce local news to your Neighbourhood

No Login, No Sign up, No Registration required
area is in radius 1 kilometres
contact email : kukuhtw at kukuhtw dot com
Follow our twitter account at is used to be microblogging services since 2006-2010,
now has been pivot to become
Location Based Services since april 21st,2015


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